The Walkway – The Mosaics

Mosaics in the staircase. Photo: Kurt Pultar

They came about as if by a miracle, sort of as a by-product of the tile paving: the mosaics on the walls, on the floor of the stairways and in the corridors – spontaneously, the way flowers and trees suddenly appear or creatures are born.

Instead of slavishly laying tiles one next to the other, the workmen created freer and freer forms. The tiles crept off the floor onto the wall and became pictures. Most of the mosaics just flowed out of Hermann’s hand. I participated in many of them myself, so that I can hardly say how much of Hundertwasser there is in each mosaic. In the meantime the creative enthusiasm had spread to all the pavers and bricklayers and asphalt layers, so that creative products can be found by nearly all of them on the inner and outer walls, on the floors of the corridors and stairways and on the asphalt at street level. From ten to twenty names would have to be listed. What a revolution, what an incredible leap from imposed art to the age of the creative workman.

Hundertwasser, 1985

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