Window Right

In accordance with window right, the lease guarantees the tenants of the Hundertwasser House the right to individual alterations of their living space.

Excerpt from the lease: “Welcome to the Hundertwasser House – the first house with window right.”


(…) 2. The tenant is entitled to exercise his “window right”. In accordance with the statement by Hundertwasser:

“A resident must have the right to lean out of his window and to refinish everything within arm’s reach on the outer wall, so that people can see from afar: »a free man lives there«”.

The tenant may refinish the outer wall of his apartment around the window in a creative and original way (…). The finishing as found upon moving in is not under legal protection. Within the framework of “window right” the tenant may also change the design by Hundertwasser, as this decoration is only intended as a precursor of window right (…).

Hundertwasser, 1985

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